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Note from the PNML Pres…

Hope you all have Happy Holidays and a great New Year. It is getting time to get to work for our spring Rendezvous. Anyone with ideas for prizes, anything for targets, or on the shooting events be sure to bring them to the meeting. We will be scheduling work parties and will work on any ideas that you have to make the Rendezvous better.

Happy New Year,

Welcome to our new homepage!  We are excited to finally have a place to collaborate, and discuss upcoming events with the Port-Neuf Mountain Men Muzzleloaders.  If you have any questions about this site, feel free to contact us.

Our homepage will provide the following information:

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We are excited to expand the Mountan Men community….


December Newsletter

Our regular monthly meeting was held in conjunction with the Annual Christmas Party that was
at the Sizzler this year. We had a good turnout but missed some of our regulars. We hope there
was no illness that besieged them. The gift exchange went well with some wonderful gifts being exchanged. Ken Hendrix showed us some of the pottery that he is doing as ISU. The intricate designs and colors were great.

Shane and Michelle Ward were there and said that they would be working on the dangles and that they should be done in the next month or so. Remember, the March gun show that is usually held at ISU and that we set up for will be held at the new Shoshone Bannock Hotel at Ft. Hall. It will be March 1st
set up information and they do have a small stage that we may be set up on?? Having more space should be a real plus for the gun show.

We still have 2 of the books Larry Fordyce brought Robert Auth. He has pen and ink drawings of
Howard and some of the other rendezvous people in it. As well as articles from all over Idaho.
The name of the book is “FRANCIES CAMERA” If you would like one, we have 2 for sale, and they are $30.00. Call Vickie.

We’ve heard of some designs for the 2014 “40th yet. Please bring them to the next meeting. Also we need a flyer for the 2014 Rendezvous Brent and I will be tied up and I need help getting one done. Help would be appreciated. Not a lot of news with the winter taking over. Everyone is busy working on their prizes and we’re seeing some good one come in. If you have something started and need supplies let us know as the club does have some thing available.

We are going to be checking with the land owners to make sure we can have the cannons for 2014 as they are such a draw. If you know someone that has a mortar or cannon be sure that you get their info to us so we can contact them and try and get more cannons for the Rendezvous.

PNML Christmas Event

PNML Christmas


Our Monthly Meeting & Christmas Party will be held at the Sizzler in Pocatello starting about 6:15 on December 17th. Mark your calendars and try to come. We’ll be there for quite a while so some of you that work late can still be part of the party.
We will have a gift exchange as usual. Those that bring a gift will exchange a gift.  Be sure to mark your gift for man, woman, or child.  We always have fun with the gifts as they can be anything.  They can be homemade or otherwise and not expensive!

Call Crystal Stephens for some Vintage Western Wear


I emailed last week about a horsehide duster coat I have for sale, but I didn’t include my phone number so I wanted to send another quick email with my number in the heading. Again, I’m wondering if anyone in your group might be interested in an early 1900s horsehide duster coat. It’s a long, heavy coat used by our great-grandfather during his work in the Minnetonka caves. It’s been in storage for years and years and when we saw your float in the 4th of July Parade we thought you might know of someone who would be interested in purchasing the coat. I can provide pictures and more information upon request.
Thank you again!
Crystal Stephens

Email cstephens1120@gmail.com
Phone 208-241-0798

August Newsletter Information & Updates

Picnic and Election News 2013

It was a great day for a picnic. Warm, but not sweltering. We were in the shade of the FMC Employee Park Pavilion, and the crowd went wild for the great food that everyone provided. We had some great dishes. For those of you that missed it, don’t worry, we ate your share. After the picnic it was election time and as usual we had the discussion of no time and other issues but then Tony Domingo stepped forward to say he would take the Vice President’s job. And our past Vice President, Norman Davis, agreed to step up to the Presidency. Vickie Perry agreed to stay on as Secretary/Treasurer, and Ester Cutler will continue with the newsletter with help from Jeane Folkner when she can’t be in town and a backup of Vickie so we know we’ll get newsletters. A BIG THANKS TO ALL OF YOU THAT ARE TAKING THE CLUB OFFICES FOR 2014. We really appreciate you.

2013We then went on to the meeting business. With the weather being so hot, Brent Cutler went outto check out the Rendezvous Site. It is only marginal and if we get don’t get rain and cooler nights we might have to cancel Fall Camp again this year. BUT FEAR NOT!!! A solution was found.  We shall have Fall Camp at the FMC Employee Park where we have our monthly shoot. We have to rent the park but the monies that we usually use for the toilet at McCammon can be used as part of the monies needed for the park rental and camping fees. We will have to charge $5.00 per adult to finish covering the costs but that can be offset by not having to drive to the Rendezvous Site at McCammon. In fact, you’ll probably save money. We’ll be able to shoot, throw our knives & hawks, and shoot the primitive archery as there are some archery targets already in place.


It’s not quite a primitive as we would like but a great alternative that will work well for us. The only thing we can’t do is shoot shotgun but we’re working on trying to get in too, even if we have to leave and go to Brent and Ester’s on Sunday morning to shoot?????? That’s still in question.

After the election, we had a White Elephant Swap arranged by Peggy Lessering. Everyone who brought something got a number and then got a turn at picking something from the tables. There was plenty and we all got some good stuff. The remainder went to the Goodwill to help someone else down the line. Thanks Peggy, it was fun!

Richard Heritage our former president and his family were able to get back to Pocatello for the picnic as they were moving the family to Montana. It was great to see all of them! Good Luck!!

July Newsletter Update

paradeWe did it again. This year’s Rendezvous is in the books and it was one of our best. If you were able to be part of it, pat yourself on the back. The club came together and made it a fun event.  Going out Wednesday afternoon to help with the set- up we were surprised at the number of traders and participants that were already there. And it just kept getting better. Bernice Andrus was able to get some of her Indian friends to stop by Friday night to dance for us. Many Thanks to their group named “SPIRIT HORSE” for their wonderful drum group and dancers. Everyone enjoyed their dancing and we were able to participate as well when they did the Round Dance
and the Friendship dances. Wayne Nelson also stopped by Friday night and played at the camp fire for a while and out came the guitars, fiddles, and jaw harps for a rousing good time.

Read the Full Newsletter with photos too!

Saturday brought even more fun with the Primitive Archery run by Larry Fordyce. We had even more archers than past years and plans are being made to increase the targets as no one was ready to quit shooting. Even some little Peewees participated. The Bowling Ball Mortar that Terry & Natalie Bergevin brought was a success as those bowling balls whizzed through the air amazing all that heard them. And the Candy Cannon was wildly anticipated during the weekend. Many thanks to Lareta Grimmett and her daughter Jonelle for making it a fun day for the kids with the kid’s games.

Sunday brought out more Black Powder Cartridge and Shotgun shooters than past years. And the raffle was great with good fun as the names of the winners were announced. Tear down went smoothly with help from all. A special thanks to the Vaughn family for helping with the tear down and assisting some of the traders with their tear down as well. ( We older folk really appreciated all you guys did!!!!!)

Read the Full Newsletter with photos too!

Message from the President – February 2013

Notes from the President

We had a very good and productive meeting Brent and Ester got some really good stuff for prizes on their travels. But, that doesn’t mean we don’t need more. The handmade prizes are what we are missing. There will be a work party on the 23 Feb at 1:00 out at Brent’s. We will be going over the targets and be working on some of the projects that have been started and getting some new ones started. So come if you can to give us a hand.

The gun show is coming up soon and we will be needing items for display. If anyone would like to add to the display, it would greatly appreciate. We get a lot of interest for the rendezvous from our display as well as the people that volunteer their time to talk to the people at the show.

See you at the work party.



Ball & Powder Gazette – July Updates

2012 Marshall Public Library  Read below or Downlaod the Newsletter PNML Newsletter July 2012
A new trailer has been acquired and Brent welded shelves into it to hold all our gear. Everything including the prizes are now in the trailer. Tents, tarps, poles, stakes, targets (both metal & paper). Even some tools. It looks so good and everything is easy to get to. The only targets not in the trailer will be the big targets of the bear and the buffalo and the frames for the deer and antelope. These targets are too large and heavy and have to go out on a flatbed trailer which will still be the way we take them out. (All materials came in at the budget set by the club).
We have meet and looked at a new meeting site and it appears we will still be able to hold our 2nd Tuesday date. We are finalizing the plan and cost and will have an answer by the August Picnic meeting. It will be so great to be able to have “Show and Tell” again.

Remember to put the Picnic on your priority list. It’s the 14th of August at FMC Park Pavilion. We will start about 6pm and eat about 6:30 pm. It is election of officers also, so put your thinking caps on and talk to some of the members to get them to be officers. They’ll have a lot of help and every year we make changes that make it easier. And, they’ll have great club support.

We were asked to put up a display at Downey the 21st of August. We will be setting up the awning Friday night and Downey Days start at Sat. 7:30 AM with a pancake breakfast and then displays and events going on all day with Country & Blue Grass music in the evening. ( I’ll put a schedule in on the last page for events) Come if you can and bring something for the display table. It’s free and should be a lot of fun. We will be getting our name out more locally for the next years rendezvous.

Notes from the President

 Things are really falling into place with the addition of the new trailer. Everything that we need to set up anywhere is in the trailer with the exception of the large targets. We can sort prizes at any club members home without grabbing the ladders and getting the tubs down from the garage shelves. This will also make it easier to keep all the prizes together as they come in instead of at the different houses in various bedroom and closets. This will eliminate things getting misplaced or wondering who has what.

We have started contact with the scouts and are working on a plan that will get us help and get them badges. plus make it fun for them and easier for us. We may even get some new shooters!

 Remember to grab something for the picnic on the 14th of August. The club will pick us some chicken and be ready to enjoy the various goodies that our members bring. We’ll be holding election of officers so make sure you’re there to put you vote in. Whoever the new officers are, they’ll have plenty of supporters and help. Start thinking about it. I’m ready to help whoever those new officers are.  Thanks for your help and support this past year.


Our sympathy and prayers go out to:
Julie Piazza, who recently lost her step-father. We’re thinking of you and your family.  Wayne and Becky Nelson, who lost her brother to cancer the end of June and just learned on the 16th that his wife had just died also. They were a couple that could not be separated. With Becky’s Dad being ill, they are having quite a struggle. Keep them in your prayers.